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W3C Standard 'After iphone and apple products officially launched in Korea, so many things related were encountered web standard problems. As everybody knows, Korean web developing environment is too complicated even excluding encoding. Now it's time to follow the standard and being simple. Spring framework Java Java Script JSP Oracle XML


Fresh Ideas AQA introduces new fresh web services. We hope everybody enjoy new way of living, sharing & touring with our services. Various web sites are now our everyday visiting place. Now we are suggesting alternative way of widening your eyes and making everyday life fun. First & Steady The most powerful marketing strategy would be 'being the first'. Unlike product marketing, it is essential and powerful in internet business. We are not following other pioneer's way. Blue ocean is not far from us.

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Smartwax Korea As the exclusive distributor in Korea, Smartwax Korea team was organized in 2007 and researched and tested the market. And we started business from 2008 and every year the growth was more than triple. It is fastest growing ever. Now we are leading new concept of car care trend in Korea. Simple, Reasonable and Environmental. Smartwax saying.. At Smartwax, we believe that smart people deserve smart products. We set out to engineer a new generation of professional grade products that deliver results, are easy to use, fast and effective, look good, smell great, clean, protect, prolong and enhance the appearance of your auto, truck or boat. Smartwax products are formulated using premium ingredients.

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Chemical Guys The great potion for car detailing professionals and enthusiasts. Chemical Guys was founded over 41 years ago, with a goal of providing the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, auto enthusiasts and friends with the highest quality car care products at any price. Throughout the years, we have remained dedicated to providing our patrons uniquely efficacious car care products, accessories and knowledge. Fun Why so serious ? Chemical guys with Fun is essential. Good quality is basic, let's get some fun while detailing with easiest chemicals in the world. With finest ingredients, you can get Quality and Convenience both. The price? Let's do direct sales. No need of complication. Life is simple !!


Atopy Pajama The first moisture controlling Pajama for Atopy skin patients. In 2005, we opened this revolutionary product with Cleso-Aqua brand. Cleso-Aqua brand is for both Atopy Pajama and other products. But well known as Atopy Pajama brand in Korea. Deodorant Sheet This thin waterproof sheet is react with even dim light and eliminating bad smell. Also the liquid absorbed is quick drying, so patient who has urinary incontinence problem can feel more comfortable. This washable sheet is helpful for environment as well. Urinary Incontinence Panty This thin 3 layer fabric is applied for young women panties who has slight urinary incontinence problem. This is steady seller with famous underwear brand.


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Addres : 403 Anyang Trade Center 1107 Bisan-Dong, Anyang-Si Gyeounggi-Do, KOREA 431-817 Email. Tel. +82 (0)31 388 7245(Rep.) Fax. +82 (0)31 383 0805


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Moisture Control 'Cleso-Aqua' fiber is only one kind fiber in the world which nano size H2O can be attached. Generally man-made fiber such as Polyester and Nylon can't absorb the water itself, so it's not good for dry skin. On the other side, natural fibers such as cotton absorb the water but absorb to inside, so unless the fabric is soak it doesn't helpful neither. 'Cleso-Aqua' fabric is well known as Atopy Pajama in Korea. Over 60% of people experienced this is helpful reducing the itching problem. Light active Deodorant Our light active deodorant fabric is being used for Urinary incontinence panties for women. This 3 layer fabric is the thinnest type of its kind. The first layer absorbs the liquid rapidly and the second layer spread it, then the surface is dry to touch. Then the fiber react with small amount of light and eliminate the bad smell and dry quickly.

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Flame Retardant Aramid base protective uniform is essential not only for fire-fighters also electric workers and various dangerous fields workers. Every year there is many casualties by fire caused with electric sparks. We are the first FR Aramid uniform market maker in Korea. With over 17 years of experience we are keep supporting our clients with trust. Nuclear Power Plant Protective There is several types of Nuclear power plant protective uniforms. Disposable, Washable and Destroyable by melting with water. We are main supplier of Melting type and Washable type fabric for Korean Nuclear power plants.

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Story of microfiber When it was invented in Japan. They countered a problem of static discharge and easy stain problem for garment. But one day, someone spilt water on the table and someone throw this fabric on it. Water was absorbed rapidly and they realized this fabric is great for cleaning. Moreover the static problem became its main character grabbing dusts. And the shape of this yarn makes even easier to clean grime and oily stains without chemicals. Now this PN microfiber is essential for cleaning products in various field such as Living, Kitchen, Bath, Optical, Industrial, Maintenance and so on. Korean microfiber The technology was adopted in Korea early 1980's. The founder of AQA (former DAIMYUNG), LEE Chang was one of the first man adopted the technology when he was in SK Group. In 1995, he founded this company. We've been supplying high quality OEM products for well known brands such as Arena, Speedo, Descente, Benz, Toyota, Norauto, Meguire's and so on.


Diet Web Simpler is better. There's too many signs, choices and rules already in the world. We are focused on reducing not adding even though an elephant is dancing backstage of site. We are living with so many websites everyday, let's make it more comfortable and easy. User Experienced Being normal people, not being developer. With normal people's view the usability should be convenient and easy to understand. Also what is former experience of people of that age is important point.